It is said that there are two types of smoke saunas: those that have burnt down and those that haven’t. Ours is of the second kind. Our smoke sauna has served our customers since 1993.

To guarantee gentle steams for our customers we warm up the sauna with time and no hurry. The hot smoke warms up every nook and cranny in the sauna. When the embers have waned, the first steam taken, the shutters closed and after the sauna has taken a moment to settle, it is time to enjoy a perfect sauna bath. It takes time to properly bathe in a smoke sauna, so reserve ample time to bathe. The dark colours, soft steam and silence in the sauna create an almost primitive atmosphere that takes you to some far away place you might have forgotten.

A dozen bathers fit in the sauna benches at a time. Bathers can cool down on the terrace outside the sauna. Bathers can also order a bite to eat and drinks to be served at the sturdy wooden table in the dressing room with a fireplace. There is a small, separate dressing room in the building as well. We are licensed to sell alcoholic drinks in the sauna premises.

After having enjoyed the sauna, you may find your way to Kivinavetta or Haltiakammi; just a couple of steps to take on the duckboards.


Heating 230 € plus 17 €/person, including towels and washing liquids.